Hormones Play a Large Role in Teenage Anxiety

Can't figure out why your teenager is so anxious and moody all of the time? Hormones may play a larger role than you think! In this article, you will learn how to separate the normal level of teenage anxiety and moodiness from a more serious case of depression or an anxiety disorder.

How Does Separation Anxiety Affect Children?

Separation anxiety can be stressful for everyone: the parents, the siblings, and the child. Getting ready to go anywhere can become a hassle and a major scene. In addition to this, parents who have to part from their child often feel guilty and worried. What are the full effects of separation anxiety on a child? Read to find out.

How Do You Handle Your Child’s Separation Anxiety?

It's difficult to decide how to deal with separation anxiety in a child. As a mother or father, you probably want to offer comfort and stay with your young child as often as possible. Seeing your son or daughter in distress is painful, but it's impossible to stay together all the time. Two different writers offer their opinions on how parents should treat their child with separation anxiety.

Recognizing Signs of Depression in Children, Teens

If your child with anxiety has begun to act sullen, moody, or unreasonably angry, he or she may be suffering from depression. Anxiety disorders can cause a child to feel very stressed on a regular basis, and this can have harmful effects in the long-run. There are certain signs children and teens exhibit when depressed, and you can read about them here.

How Can Mindfulness Therapy Help Anxious Children?

A creative technique called "mindfulness therapy" may be able to help your anxious child to unwind. So what makes mindfulness therapy appropriate for children? And how does it work? If you want to know the answer to these questions and more, you can read more about the use of mindfulness therapy here.

Tips for Easing Your Child’s Separation Anxiety

When your child has separation anxiety, saying goodbye can involve a lot of tears and guilt. You may think this is just a phase you have to deal with, but there are ways you can help your child through the difficult period. Read some basic things you can do to prepare your anxious child for your absence.

Mother Describes How OCD Affects Her Child

Dealing with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is difficult enough for an adult, but how does it affect a child? Children with OCD may have trouble understanding why they feel unable to control their actions, especially when they realize the rationale behind them is flawed. One woman on PsychCentral shares her experiences with parenting a young boy with OCD.

Facebook Anxiety: How You Can Protect Your Kids

Social networking and the Internet can be a blessing and a curse. They allow you to stay in touch over great distances, but they can also make your family vulnerable to a number of problems. Cyberbullying and Facebook addiction are on the rise among children and young adults. How can you, as a parent, make the Internet safer for your kids?

The Benefits of Early Diagnosis of OCD

Critics have condemned psychologists and psychiatrists who diagnose children with traditionally 'adult' disorders. But is it really wrong to get people the help they need at an early age? Early diagnosis can prevent a lot of misunderstanding and pain for people who suffer from a mental health condition like OCD.

Creative Treatments for Children with Anxiety

Are you a parent at a loss for how to help your child deal with his or her anxiety? It can be very stressful for a parent with a highly anxious child. How can you help your son or daughter? Where do you even start? First, you may want to try some alternative forms of traditional therapy. Learn about unique treatment options for kids.