Facebook Anxiety: How You Can Protect Your Kids

Social networking can be both fun and risky. Most kids have a Facebook account today, with or without their parents’ permission.

Unfortunately, using social media can expose your child to predators, bullying, and even unhealthy addiction to the Internet. These situations can lead to anxiety and depression in young people.

So how should you advise your child or teen on using the Web? Is it better to ban your son or daughter from using it altogether? Or is there a way to prevent the worst from happening?

A professor from Kansas State University is of the opinion that it’s okay for your kids to use Facebook, but with some guidelines.

He recommends parents take advantage of security and privacy settings on sites like Facebook. Familiarizing yourself with these options before allowing your child to create an account is advisable. The professor also explains that it may be more appropriate for parents to retain control of a younger child’s account so they can monitor any activity. Checking in on an older teen’s account every now and then without being intrusive should also be considered by parents.

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PsychCentral.comTeach Children Upsides and Downsides of Facebook, Social MediaPsychCentral.comChuck Smith, professor emeritus at Kansas State University, says increased usage of Facebook by children has sparked questions of how to prevent cyberbullyi …