Recognizing Signs of Depression in Children, Teens

People with anxiety disorders are prone to developing other mental health conditions. Depression is especially pervasive in high-anxiety populations.

Unfortunately, even children and teens who suffer from anxiety can become depressed. Younger people are even more vulnerable to negative feelings of hopelessness and sadness. They usually don’t know how to deal with these emotions, and the results can be serious.

One major sign of depression in children and teens is a drastic, negative change in behavior. When a child or adolescent begins to show signs of anger, hostility, or disobedience, this may be an indicator of a more serious problem. Changes like these usually have a reason behind them, and it’s important for parents and teachers to get to the root of the problem.

To learn more about how to spot depression in your child or teenager, follow the link below. You can also find tips on how to get help for your son or daughter.

Depression in kids and adolescents – The Korea Herald