The Benefits of Early Diagnosis of OCD

A recent study from Bucknell University may help mental health specialists to recognize disorders like OCD and autism earlier. The researchers are in the process of evaluating a computer-based test which may be able to detect subtle preferences that may indicate abnormalities in the brain.

Why is this good news? No one likes to hear that his or her child has a disorder. It can be painful and even devastating to learn your son or daughter has OCD or autism.

However,  being able to recognize the presence of a condition like OCD can be highly beneficial. An early diagnosis can prepare a child’s family to deal with the condition. It gives the family the opportunity to start gathering information and seeking out resources for the child as soon as possible. The affected child can learn to manage his or her illness at a younger age and live a healthier life.

If you want to know more about the study and what it could mean for children in the future, follow the link below.

Bucknell, Geisinger study could aid in early detection of autism, OCD – Bucknell University

Bucknell UniversityBucknell, Geisinger study could aid in early detection of autism, OCDBucknell UniversityBy Julia Ferrante. LEWISBURG, Pa. – Two sets of lines – one straight, the other crooked – flash on a computer screen. The lines appear alternat …