About The Program

The Anxiety-Free Child Program is a comprehensive set of exceptionally high quality and professionally developed resources designed to help you and your child quickly understand, confront, and overcome anxiety, phobias, or fear with the convenience, privacy, and affordability of an at-home system.

The tools and resources included in the program are the result of a collaborative effort by respected leaders in their fields and includes contributions from award-winning authors, Doctors of Clinical Psychology, and other experts whose advice and insights can empower you to help your child finally break their habitual reactions of anxiety or fear and free themselves from the limitations that may be holding them back from the happy and carefree childhood they deserve.

The guiding principles and strategies of the program are based on published and peer reviewed research and science, and not New Age potions or gimmicks, hypnosis scams, or other unproven “miracle cures”. There’s no herbs, pills, or special supplements required, and we won’t ask you and your child to spend hours a day sitting on a meditation cushion doing deep breathing or to drive back and forth to pay a therapist for weeks on end who just wants to find a label for your child. The Anxiety-Free Child Program has been used by parents just like you all around the world, has been seen on the Science Channel, CNBC, the Discovery Channel, CNN, the Learning Channel, ABC Family, MSNBC, and more, and is backed by a 100% money back guarantee and an “A+” rating by the Better Business Bureau.

If you have a specific question, please take a look at our extensive FAQ  that answers all the commonly asked questions about the material, ordering, and delivery process. If your question isn’t covered on our FAQ page, please feel free to contact our customer service team who would happy to help make sure you have all the answers you need so you can get started making your child’s life better TODAY.

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