Tips for Easing Your Child’s Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety can cause significant stress for a child and for a parent. Children who have high separation anxiety often cry, scream, and experience severe distress when away from their mother or father.

For a child with separation anxiety, parting can lead to a messy, emotional scene. A concerned parent of an anxious child may wonder they should say goodbye with minimal upset.

One strategy that may help relieve separation anxiety is leaving the anxious child with a comforting object. For some children, a familiar teddy bear or a pacifier can soothe worry and make them feel relaxed and safe while the parent is absent.

Another way parents can help their children to deal with their separation anxiety is by hiring a trusted sitter. The anxious child can grow accustomed to being around the sitter and eventually learn to deal with the stress.

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ABC Action NewsHelping kids overcome separation anxietyABC Action NewsIt’s the moment every parent of a small child dreads, the good-bye. Here is some advice on ways to overcome seperation anxiety.and moreᅠ» …