Why Anxious Children Need Recess

Certain schools' move to eliminate or decrease recess time is such a bad idea a new policy statement in Pediatrics stresses its importance. Read on to learn more about recess's function for anxious children.

When the World Doesn’t Make Sense: How to Help Anxious Children Cope With Tragedy

If your anxious kid is old enough to talk, he or she is probably old enough to ask questions following a tragedy. This article can help you answer those questions as well as offer the support and guidance kids need after a traumatic event.

Why You and Your Anxious Child Need Routine ASAP after a Tragedy

Tragedy and grief can disrupt your normal activities, but that disruption should be brief. Read why it's important to re-establish your familiar routine as quickly as possible following a traumatic event.

3 Things NOT to do for Anxious Children in Wake of School Shooting

You want to do the “right” thing when it comes to talking to your anxious kid about tragedies, such as the mass shooting at the Connecticut elementary school. But the number of “right” things to do can seem overwhelming. We make it easier to act by pointing out the “wrong” things to do.

Separation Anxiety and Panic Disorder: What’s the Connection?

Science shows that kids who have separation anxiety and adults who have panic attacks might have the same genetic quirk. Experts don't know yet if anxiety disorders are caused by environmental factors or heredity, but someone who has a genetic vulnerability may be at an increased risk for developing separation anxiety as a child or panic disorder as an adult.

Encouraging Your Anxious Child to Get Involved

It can be frightening for a child to try new things. New foods, new places, and new people are all intimidating to a child, especially a young child or a highly anxious child. Some caution is always good, but a kid who's afraid to be a kid will miss out on a lot of fun experiences. Here's how to get your kid to put aside the fear and try new things.

How to Find Treatment Options in Your Area

One of the most difficult steps when trying to find help for your anxious child or teen is deciding where to go. How do you know who to trust? And how can you make sure your child is getting the best care possible? By doing some research in advance, you can ensure your child will have a chance to enjoy a healthier life.

Preventing School-Related Stress and Anxiety

Parents know how nerve-wracking the school year can be for themselves and for their children. Some children feel overwhelmed by test anxiety. Younger students may be worried about being separated from parents, and teenagers find themselves stressing out over their social life and thoughts of the future. Parents can save themselves and their kids a lot of anxiety by making some simple changes.

Teaching Your Teen To Deal with Stress

If you're concerned by your teen's emotional and physical state, you may be interested in the findings linked to a new high school health program. The fitness-based curriculum was shown to have a major impact on the participating students' well-being. Read more about it here.

Providing Stress Relief for Your Child

Can children suffer from stress and anxiety? Of course! As a parent, you probably know about some of the methods you can use to reduce your own stress. But how can you help your anxious child to develop safe, healthy stress management habits? Read to find out.