Encouraging Your Anxious Child to Get Involved

Parents want their children to be healthy and well rounded. It’s difficult for a child to gain necessary social skills and experience without trying new things from time to time.

An anxious child is more likely than a healthy child to be wary of new things. Children with high anxiety worry more and are more sensitive to the fear of negative consequences. This can prevent them from making some of the more dangerous choices other children make, but it can also stunt their emotional growth.

Anxious children can’t just be forced to confront the object of their fears in every situation; sometimes this does more harm than good. At the same time, allowing a child to miss out on fun experiences due to nervousness and anxiety is also problematic.

A licensed expert in child and adolescent anxiety offers advice on how parents can get their children to be a little more adventurous. Read her suggestions at the article below.

Helping Kids Get Past the Fear of Trying Something New – Huffington Post