How Your Anxiety Can Affect Your Child

As a parent, you probably worry that you may affect your child's progress in therapy. According to research in England, this may be the case! Find out how your presence and your behavior can help or hurt your child's recovery from high anxiety.

Art Therapy Helps Kids Cope after Disaster

Natural disasters can have a major emotional impact on people. For children, the emotional repercussions can be even greater. It's important for kids to learn to deal with their feelings in a healthy way, especially in the wake of a traumatic event. Read how kids in Missouri learned to cope after a tornado.

Integrated Treatment Helps Children With Both ADHD And Anxiety

Nearly 25% of children with ADHD also suffer from an anxiety disorder, and many of the treatments for these illnesses can exacerbate the other condition. New integrative treatments are helping these children conquer both disorders at the same time.

Nature and Anxiety Series: How Connecting with Nature Improves Mental Health

How much time does your child spend outside on any given day? How much of this is unstructured time when they are free to explore the world around them? Research shows that providing plenty of unstructured time for your child to be surrounded by nature is a wonderful way to treat childhood anxiety and depression.

Child Anxiety Treatment Study: Therapy Plus Zoloft Best

In the treatment of child anxiety disorders, combining the medication Zoloft with Cognitive Behavior Therapy was found by researchers to be the most effective. Neither treatment on its own was effective as both treatments put together. Many children with anxiety disorders only receive one treatment as intervention, so these researchers hope to encourage clinicians to use this dual-treatment approach.

Helicopter Parenting Leads to Anxiety

Children with parents who cater to their every need, even when they are capable of doing things for themselves, are more likely to develop an anxiety disorder later in life. Finding a balance with parenting takes practice and doesn't happen overnight. Children need emotionally available parents that they can count on for support, but they also need room to grow, explore the world, learn from their mistakes, and build confidence.

Modeling the Change You Want to See In Your Child with Anxiety

Did you know that anxiety is largely a learned behavior? By changing the way that you respond to anxiety in front of your child, you may notice a large improvement in your child with anxiety. Read more to learn several tips written for family members who would like to help a child with anxiety.

Reasons to Teach Kids Positive Psychology

What benefits could positive psychology provide for a child with anxiety? The answer to this is different for every child, but the following article points to 7 different reasons for teaching a child how to use positive psychology in their everyday lives (such as a developed sense of control and increased positivity).

10 Ways to Strengthen the Parent-Child Relationship Through Positive Psychology

Does parenting some times feel like one never-ending power struggle? It doesn't have to be that way. By applying a few positive psychology concepts to your parenting style, you can improve the relationship that you have with your child with anxiety. Check out the following article to learn more!

Innovative New Therapy Developed For Treating Children With Anxiety And Depression

Researchers have found a new therapy that's effective in treating children with both an anxiety disorder and depression. This new therapy, called Emotional Detectives Treatment Protocol, was studied by the University of Miami's Department of Psychology. EDTP is an innovative group-based approach to treating anxiety and depression in children.