Give Your Anxious Child a (Super!) Creative Dose of Relaxation with Stress Free Kids

Relaxation techniques can be tough for adults to grasp, but StressFreeKids founder Lori Lite makes them fun, easy and super-creative for children. Check out two of her books and more!

How Children with ADHD can ‘Stay Cool’ when Dealing with Emotions

Emotions can be tough for any child, but add ADHD into the mix and dealing with feelings can be an even bigger challenge. A new book offers insights and helpful hints that can ease the overall challenge.

The Parents Guide on What to Expect in Family Therapy

Family therapy can be highly effective for helping your anxious child and entire family live more harmoniously. Our guide points out what to expect, how it can help and tips on preparing your child (and yourself!) for your first family therapy session.

The Parents Guide to Helping Anxious Children Cope With Anger and Frustration

Anger and frustration are part of life, but they can be particularly common for anxious children. Teaching your child to cope with anger and frustration is possible if you understand what's happening and check out several suggestions for success. Read on!

The Parents Guide to Night Terrors

Night terrors are fairly rare, but you'll certainly know if your anxious child suffers from them. Read to learn more about this seemingly scary condition and what you can do to help stop and prevent it.

Help Anxious Kids Get Emotional with Two Books by Psychologist Mary Lamia

Children have just as many as emotions as adults, and they may even be more confused as to where those feelings come from or what they mean. Mary Lamia's two books help children learn how to deal with and use emotions to their advantage. Check them out!

The Parents Guide to Picking a Therapist for Your Anxious Child

Choosing a therapist for yourself can be tough, which means it can be even tougher to choose one for your anxious child. Our Parents Guide to Picking a Therapist for Your Anxious Child has got you covered!

Teach Anxious Children Self-Confidence with ‘Being Me’

Self-confidence doesn't have to be an elusive thing for your anxious child. Wendy L. Moss's book "Being Me" gives kids tips, tricks and info for building up their confidence today!

The Parents Guide to ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, may not have a cure, but it does have various treatment options. Read on to learn more about the treatments, symptoms and myths of ADHD along with ways parents can help their anxious children cope with the disorder.

The Power of Yoga for Helping Children with Anxiety

Yoga hasn't been kicking around for thousands of years for no reason. It's benefits extend to every age, background and fitness level and it can be particularly soothing for anxious children. Learn how to get started with yoga for your anxious child today.