Teach Anxious Children Self-Confidence with ‘Being Me’

Self-confidence doesn't have to be an elusive thing for your anxious child. Wendy L. Moss's book "Being Me" gives kids tips, tricks and info for building up their confidence today!

6 Ways Science Shows Nutrition Can Help Child Anxiety

Groundbreaking research proves that what children with anxiety eat impacts their ability to cope with stress in a positive way. Learn 6 ways science shows nutrition can help child anxiety.

Social Anxiety and Helping Children With Anxiety Make Friends

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Child Anxiety Signs, Symptoms, and Struggles: When is it Time to Get Your Child Help?

How can parents know how much anxiety is normal in their children-- and what warrants concern? An understanding of the different types of anxiety disorders and their symptoms will help parents recognize when it's time to seek help for their anxious child.

Is Your Child Anxious Because They’re Gifted?

Gifted children tend to share a number of common characterisitcs, such as sensitivity, intensity, asynchroncity in development, a concern with fairness, and high expectations for others and themselves. While these traits form an essential part of a gifted child's personality, they may also lead to an increased risk for anxiety.

What Sugar and Caffeine Really Do to Your Anxious Child’s Brain

You know your child well enough to be able to detect and ward off many potential triggers for anxiety attacks. Sometimes, though, your child may seem more anxious than usual without any obvious cause. Sugar and caffeine are likely culprits. This article explains how sugar and caffeine can be anxiety-provoking, and how you can help your child limit them.

Emotional Fluidity: Teaching Your Children to ‘Surf’ Anxiety – Part Three

Learn how the ever changing and fluid nature of emotions and mindfulness training can be used in concert to help overcome child anxiety, phobias, or panic attacks. Part three of the three-part series, "Emotional Fluidity".

TV Viewing May Have an Effect on Kids’ Sleep

It can be difficult to find appropriate television shows for your child to watch. Many programs on TV today are full of violence, gore and swearing. Unfortunately, a child's mind is likely to latch on to the more unsavory details in a show. How can this affect your son or daughter's health? Read about it here!

Emotional Fluidity: Teaching Your Children to ‘Surf’ Anxiety – Part Two

Learn how "checking gauges" can help children with anxiety, and four ways practicing a mental training exercise can help them overcome their fears, regain their confidence, and lead a happier and less stressful childhood. Part two of a three-part series, "Emotional Fluidity".

Emotional Fluidity: Teaching Your Children to ‘Surf’ Anxiety – Part One

Your child's anxiety can be made easier by teaching your child how to "surf anxiety" and make the most of their "anxiety umbrella". Part one of a three-part series, "Emotional Fluidity".