Providing Stress Relief for Your Child

Can children suffer from stress and anxiety? Of course! As a parent, you probably know about some of the methods you can use to reduce your own stress. But how can you help your anxious child to develop safe, healthy stress management habits? Read to find out.

Chasing Happiness: 7 Steps to a Happier and Less Anxious Child (Part One)

Kids aren't anxious when they're too busy being happy. In this 3-part series "Chasing Happiness", we'll show you 7 steps you can start to take TODAY for happier, less anxious kids!

Exercise for Anxious Children – Why it Matters and How to Get Kids Moving

Studies consistently show that exercise and physical activity is one of the most effective ways to help reduce child anxiety and manage the stress today's child can struggle with. Learn what the research says about how and why exercise works for managing anxiety and some sneaky tricks to get your child more active and think it's FUN.

Too Much on Their Plates: Child Anxiety and Overscheduling

Children with anxiety can find well meaning parents filling their schedules with seemingly fun activities like sports, play dates, or dance lessons, but is it really what's good for them? Learn about the relationship between a busy lifestyle and anxiety, how to find the right balance for your child, and what activities are best out of all the options available.

Teens, Social Anxiety, and Substance Abuse

Adolescence is generally known as a period when social interactions are of the utmost importance. Teens are highly preoccupied by how others perceive them. For teens with social anxiety disorder, being liked and approved of by others seems even more important. Highly anxious teenagers can feel enormous pressure, so parents must know how to prevent poor coping behaviors.

Tips on Overcoming Performance Anxiety

Performance and social anxiety can make simple tasks like grocery shopping nerve-wrecking. Find out how to curb your response to these situations.

Online Treatment for Anxiety in Children and Teens

Today, you can find just about anything online. Thanks to the Internet, people can buy services from all over the world, including therapy sessions. Come read about the innovative Australian therapy for children and adolescents with anxiety problems.

Internet Usage Linked to Depression

Our busy lives may cause us to use the Internet more than we should. Scientists have now shown a link between excessive surfing and depression.

The Effects of Long-Term Stress

Severe or prolonged stress can have a profound impact on the development and future life of a child.

How to Address an Anxious Child’s Worries

You may feel concerned when your child expresses an unreasonable amount of worry. As children age, it's natural for them to become aware of more of the dangers of the “real world.” However, it's important for kids to understand that they don't need to worry about certain things. Learn how to discuss your child's anxieties in a healthy way.