Tips on Overcoming Performance Anxiety

Going about your daily routine or having to deliver presentations can be impossible if you start chocking up the moment you see other people around you. Performance anxiety can range from standing in front of a live audience of thousands to just paying for your groceries and still have the same implications for us. Managing feelings of anxiety during these moments may seem impossible, but a recent list of tips created by Dr. Chansky can make the task easier. She stresses, for example, the importance of believing the best of your audience and yourself to help you succeed.

How to Overcome Performance Anxiety

The post was written by Clinical Psychologist Dr. Marie Cheour. Dr. Cheour has worked as a Professor of both Pediatrics and Psychology at the University of Miami where she received a 2002 Research Award, as a Professor of Neuropsychology at the University of Turko in Finland, and as the Head of the Developmental Brain Research Laboratory, Cognitive Brain Research Unit (CBRU), at the University of Helsinki.