Keeping Calm for Parents of Anxious Kids

Taking care of an anxious child can be especially challenging for a parent, but it's important to learn how to deal with the child properly. Find out how parents can learn to manage their own anxiety over their child's fears.

Is Your Anxious Child Ready for Summer Camp?

If your anxious child wants to go to summer camp, the experience can be an enlightening one that may even help with anxiety issues. Check out more info to determine if your child is up for the camping adventure.

How Does Panic Disorder Affect Kids and Teens?

Are you looking for more information on panic disorder in children and adolescents? Do you want to know how your child experiences panic and how he or she can be treated? Find out what an expert has to say here!

Tips for Helping Anxious Children Cope with Death and Grief

Getting through the death of a loved one can be tough for the entire family, but you can make it easier with some helpful tips that help you and your anxious child cope.

The Parents Guide to Positive Psychology and Child Anxiety

Positive psychology may be relatively new, but that doesn't mean it's not highly effective for helping anxious children better enjoy life. Check out more about this science and learn ways to incorporate its concepts into you and your anxious child's lives.

VIDEO: Treating Social Anxiety, Phobia in Teens

Social anxiety is difficult for an adult to deal with, especially when one is ready to settle down and start a family or start at a new job. But for a teenager to whom social acceptance means everything, social anxiety and social phobia can be devastating. Read how social anxiety can be treated in teens.

The Parents Guide to Death, Grief, and Child Anxiety

There is no "right way" or "wrong way" for an anxious child to grieve. There are, however, some warning signs that may merit outside help with your child's grieving process.

Dos and Don’ts for Helping Your Anxious Child Eat Healthier

Turn healthy eating into a way of life with these Dos and Don't for helping your anxious child eat healthier and be happier!

Helping Your Child to Deal with Storm-Related Fear

Storms can be scary for children, especially in areas where there are hurricanes and tornadoes. Unlike most childhood objects of fear, storms really can be dangerous. So how should you go about comforting your child if he or she is afraid?

The Parents Guide to Children and Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is never pleasant, but it's a normal phenomenon that your child should outgrow around age 2. If symptoms continue through preschool and beyond, you may want to take some action. Check out a slew of info and tips on helping you and your child cope.