Dos and Don’ts for Helping Your Anxious Child Eat Healthier

June 11, 2013

healthy eating feature

Turn healthy eating into a way of life with these Dos and Don't for helping your anxious child eat healthier and be happier!
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Helping Your Child to Deal with Storm-Related Fear

June 7, 2013

Storm Fear and Children

Storms can be scary for children, especially in areas where there are hurricanes and tornadoes. Unlike most childhood objects of fear, storms really can be dangerous. So how should you go about comforting your child if he or she is afraid?
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The Parents Guide to Children and Separation Anxiety

June 4, 2013


Separation anxiety is never pleasant, but it's a normal phenomenon that your child should outgrow around age 2. If symptoms continue through preschool and beyond, you may want to take some action. Check out a slew of info and tips on helping you and your child cope.
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Tips for Making Sports Happier and Healthier for Your Anxious Child

June 4, 2013

happy sports feature

Contrary to the beliefs of some Monday Night Football fanatics, not everyone enjoys sports. Read on for ways to determine if your anxious children are hating the games and tips on how to change that.
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Childhood Separation Anxiety and School Anxiety

May 31, 2013

Separation Anxiety and School Anxiety

If your child is experiencing separation anxiety, especially when he or she has to go to school, there are things you can do to reduce some of the stress and fear. Find out what steps you can take as a parent to help your anxious child.
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Mayo Clinic Program Treats Child, Teen Anxiety

May 30, 2013

Program Treats Teens, Kids with Anxiety

Parents of an anxious child or teen have a responsibility to find the best care for their son or daughter. Leaving an anxiety disorder untreated can lead to a number of problems in adulthood, so it's important to address the condition as early as possible. Read how Mayo Clinic is helping anxious children and adolescents here.
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How Sports Can Help (or Hurt!) Your Anxious Child

May 28, 2013

child sports basketball feature

Sports can actually make your child's anxiety worse, although engaging in sports can come with a slew of benefits. Find out what that ballgame or soccer match may be doing for your anxious child.
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Understanding Social Phobia, Anxiety in Teens

May 25, 2013

Teen Social Phobia

When your child has an anxiety disorder, you want to find out as much as you can about it so you can be a supportive and helpful parent. By reading this article, you will learn some information about social phobia (also called social anxiety) in teenagers. Hopefully what you discover will help you in your quest to better understand and aid your anxious child.
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The Parents Guide to New Siblings and Anxiety in Children

May 22, 2013


A new baby can be a joy -- or not, depending on how your anxious child takes it. Check out some info and tips on how your child may react to a new sibling in the home and how you can make the experience more joyful for everyone.
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Is the Nutritional Craze Hurting Your Anxious Child?

May 21, 2013

child eating feature

Low-fat, reduced-calorie, gluten-free -- read on to help ensure your anxious child is not suffering from the world's obsession with nutrition.
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