Do Autism and Asperger Syndrome Belong in the Same Category? DSM-5 Says Yes

The revised DSM-5 includes new conditions, such as Asperger syndrome, under the broad autism spectrum disorder classification, although not everyone agrees it should. Read on to learn more.

Never Drag Your Anxious Child into In-Law Disputes and Other In-Law Tips

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The Parents Guide to Teaching Mindfulness to Children with Anxiety

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DSM-5 Danger: What Happens to Your Anxious Child when ‘Normal’ Grief becomes Clinical Depression

Normal grief and clinical depression may be totally different issues, although the DSM-5 now has the power to treat them as one in the same. Read to learn of the detrimental impact this may have on you and your anxious child.

The Complete Guide to the 2013 DSM-5 and What the Changes Mean to You and Your Anxious Child

A revised psychiatrist's "bible," or DSM-5, is making its official debut in May. Controversy has long been swirling around the changes, which could have an impact on the mental health care you and your anxious child receive.

How Parenting Anxious Children May Help You Live Longer

Parenting an anxious child may seem like a surefire recipe for stress, but a study shows parenting an anxious kid, or any kid, may help people live longer.

Sleep Tips for Anxious Children

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When the World Doesn’t Make Sense: How to Help Anxious Children Cope With Tragedy

If your anxious kid is old enough to talk, he or she is probably old enough to ask questions following a tragedy. This article can help you answer those questions as well as offer the support and guidance kids need after a traumatic event.

How Anxious Children React to Tragedy

All kids react to tragedy with a bounty of emotions, but if their emotions linger or other changes in behavior and habits crop up, it may be more than the tragedy that is affecting your child. Read more on how to tell if you kid may be suffering from an anxiety issue.