Why Being a Pal or Pushover Parent is Bad for Your Anxious Child

Kids are growing up with less discipline and more leeway in just about everything. Some parents go as far as to think, and argue with teachers that, their children can do no harm. Others may be simply too tired and weary when they get home

A third set may try to be a child’s pal rather than a parent, allowing the kid to get away with just about anything he or she pleases just so the parent can earn the distinction of being really cool.

While such modes of parenting may make for far fewer hassles and arguments in the household, it can be extremely detrimental for your anxious child.

For starters, anxious children do best with a set schedule, structure and routine. Being a pushover parent typically offers none of the above, a move that can result in even greater levels of stress and anxiety.

WebMD.com takes the pushover parent phenomenon one step further, offering up a number of additional detriments that apply to any kid, not only children with anxiety issues.

“After a while, their family’s lack of routine can result in lazy, spoiled teens or tweens without schedules and responsibilities,” WebMD says. Those lazy, spoiled teens or tweens, in turn, grow up into even lazier and more spoiled adults and, quite frankly, the world already has more than enough of those!

Are you guilty of being a pushover parent to your anxious child? Read more to find out.

Check out the full article: http://www.webmd.com/parenting/features/too-permissive-parents