6 Ways Science Shows Nutrition Can Help Child Anxiety

Groundbreaking research proves that what children with anxiety eat impacts their ability to cope with stress in a positive way. Learn 6 ways science shows nutrition can help child anxiety.

Why Your Anxious Child Should Start Journaling and How to Get Them Started Today

Putting a pen to paper can do much more than create a comprehensive grocery list. The practice of journaling can help your anxious child cope with whatever is adding to anxiety. Check out what research has to say about journaling's benefits and find out how to help your anxious child get started with it.

Using Guided Imagery and Meditation to Help Child Anxiety

Vacations can soothe the body, mind and soul, and meditation-based guided imagery can give you and your anxious child an instant vacation with lasting benefits. Read on to learn more!

4 Simple Reasons Behind Your Anxious Child’s Temper Tantrum

Your anxious child may throw tantrums the same reason every child throws tantrums and those reasons can often stem from something simple and easy to fix. Read on to learn more!

How a Bell Can Help Your Anxious Child’s Mindfulness Practice

Anxious children can have a tough time practicing mindfulness, but you can help them out if you introduce a bell into the practice. Check out tips for selecting and using a bell that works for you.

How to Use Sounds with Meditation to Calm Your Anxious Child

Chanting "Om" during meditation is certainly not a requirement! But you may find incorporating hums, chants and other sounds into your session can help you and your child enjoy and deepen your practice.

What Sugar and Caffeine Really Do to Your Anxious Child’s Brain

You know your child well enough to be able to detect and ward off many potential triggers for anxiety attacks. Sometimes, though, your child may seem more anxious than usual without any obvious cause. Sugar and caffeine are likely culprits. This article explains how sugar and caffeine can be anxiety-provoking, and how you can help your child limit them.

How to Deal with Your Anxious Child’s Temper Tantrums

Whether it's about a toy or stems from lack of sleep, your anxious child will sooner or later throw a temper tantrum. Read up on useful tips for diffusing it and what you should never do if your child acts up.

The Parents Guide to Teaching Mindfulness to Children with Anxiety

Want an anxious child that is calmer, more serene and has fewer fears and less anxiety? Mindfulness may be just what you need. Read on to learn what it is, how to practice it and how to pass it along to your children.

Sleep Tips for Anxious Children

Bedtime can be a horrific time for you and your anxious child. It doesn’t have to be with a few quick tips from a doctor for helping your anxious kid get a good night’s sleep.