How Parents Can Cope with Their Own Anxiety After Tragedy

Before you even talk to your anxious kids about any type of tragedy, your first priority is calming your own mind. Read what experts have to say on the subject.

3 Things NOT to do for Anxious Children in Wake of School Shooting

You want to do the “right” thing when it comes to talking to your anxious kid about tragedies, such as the mass shooting at the Connecticut elementary school. But the number of “right” things to do can seem overwhelming. We make it easier to act by pointing out the “wrong” things to do.

How to Calm an Anxious Child who Has a Big, Fat Holiday Gift List

Once upon a time, the holidays had a deeper meaning than how many gifts were beneath the tree. Read how you can recapture that magic for your family and decrease your child's anxiety regarding how many or what kind of gifts he's getting.

How the Internet Adds to Anxiety in Children

Loads of information kicks around the Internet, providing entertainment and even homework help for your kids. But overloading on that info can result in increased anxiety and other disasters. Read to find out why.

Why Overprotecting Your Kids is Giving them Childhood Anxiety

Raising children in overprotective captivity does more harm than good. Find out why this trend is giving kids anxiety disorders and other mental health issues.

Separation Anxiety and Panic Disorder: What’s the Connection?

Science shows that kids who have separation anxiety and adults who have panic attacks might have the same genetic quirk. Experts don't know yet if anxiety disorders are caused by environmental factors or heredity, but someone who has a genetic vulnerability may be at an increased risk for developing separation anxiety as a child or panic disorder as an adult.

Encouraging Your Anxious Child to Get Involved

It can be frightening for a child to try new things. New foods, new places, and new people are all intimidating to a child, especially a young child or a highly anxious child. Some caution is always good, but a kid who's afraid to be a kid will miss out on a lot of fun experiences. Here's how to get your kid to put aside the fear and try new things.

Emotional Fluidity: Teaching Your Children to ‘Surf’ Anxiety – Part Three

Learn how the ever changing and fluid nature of emotions and mindfulness training can be used in concert to help overcome child anxiety, phobias, or panic attacks. Part three of the three-part series, "Emotional Fluidity".

TV Viewing May Have an Effect on Kids’ Sleep

It can be difficult to find appropriate television shows for your child to watch. Many programs on TV today are full of violence, gore and swearing. Unfortunately, a child's mind is likely to latch on to the more unsavory details in a show. How can this affect your son or daughter's health? Read about it here!

Emotional Fluidity: Teaching Your Children to ‘Surf’ Anxiety – Part Two

Learn how "checking gauges" can help children with anxiety, and four ways practicing a mental training exercise can help them overcome their fears, regain their confidence, and lead a happier and less stressful childhood. Part two of a three-part series, "Emotional Fluidity".