Is Your Anxious Child Violent and Angry? Perhaps Gratitude Can Help

When your anxious child lashes out in anger and violence, you may want to skip the lecture and go for a gratitude list instead. Several studies tell you why.

DSM-5 Danger: Your Anxious Child’s Tantrums May Now Be a Disorder

Your anxious kid may throw temper tantrums because all children throw temper tantrums. But those tantrums are now fodder for diagnosing an anxious child with a mental health disorder. Read on to find out more.

Can Anxious Children Really ‘Grow out’ of Autism? Depends on Your Definition

If your anxious kid loses signs and symptoms of autism as he or she gets older, that does not necessarily mean he or she has "grown out" of the disorder. Read more to learn more.

Do Autism and Asperger Syndrome Belong in the Same Category? DSM-5 Says Yes

The revised DSM-5 includes new conditions, such as Asperger syndrome, under the broad autism spectrum disorder classification, although not everyone agrees it should. Read on to learn more.

Never Drag Your Anxious Child into In-Law Disputes and Other In-Law Tips

If your mother-in-law chimes in one more time about how to raise your anxious child, you're going to scream! Before you start screeching like a banshee, check out six tips for fostering successful in-law relationships that can save the day, or even your marriage.

How ‘Deliberate Practice’ Can Help You and Your Anxious Child

If you or your anxious child are sick of stagnating, perhaps it's time to go for great with a concept known as "deliberate practice." Read more on how it works and how to incorporate it into your own lives.

The Parents Guide to Teaching Mindfulness to Children with Anxiety

Want an anxious child that is calmer, more serene and has fewer fears and less anxiety? Mindfulness may be just what you need. Read on to learn what it is, how to practice it and how to pass it along to your children.

‘Truth Be Told’: New Book May Help You and Your Anxious Kid Survive a Loved One’s Suicide

Getting though tragedy, such as a loved one's suicide, can be easier when you know you're not alone and even easier still when someone else shares the way they managed to get through it. That someone is Lucinda Bassett in her new book "Truth Be Told."

DSM-5 Danger: What Happens to Your Anxious Child when ‘Normal’ Grief becomes Clinical Depression

Normal grief and clinical depression may be totally different issues, although the DSM-5 now has the power to treat them as one in the same. Read to learn of the detrimental impact this may have on you and your anxious child.

How Four Questions Can Help Assess if Anxious Kids are at Risk for Suicide

Emergency room professionals are in a a prime location to assess anxious kids for their suicide risk. A study determined four key questions such workers can ask to help determine the overall suicide risk so action can quickly be taken. Read on to learn more.