Exercise for Anxious Children – Why it Matters and How to Get Kids Moving

Studies consistently show that exercise and physical activity is one of the most effective ways to help reduce child anxiety and manage the stress today's child can struggle with. Learn what the research says about how and why exercise works for managing anxiety and some sneaky tricks to get your child more active and think it's FUN.

Tips on Overcoming Performance Anxiety

Performance and social anxiety can make simple tasks like grocery shopping nerve-wrecking. Find out how to curb your response to these situations.

The Effects of Long-Term Stress

Severe or prolonged stress can have a profound impact on the development and future life of a child.

Short-Term Side Effects of Anxiety Medication in Children

There are several types of drugs used to treat anxiety disorders in children, all with their own distinct side effects.

Stress During Pregnancy Harms Babies

It's long been known that stress experienced during pregnancy harms a child, but recent studies are challenging how long this affects a child.

Coping with Stress During Pregnancy

Experiencing stress during pregnancy is toxic for both the mother and the child. Learn how to manage stress during these vital months.

Mindfulness or MBSR for Treating Child Anxiety

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and mindfulness practices have proven themselves highly beneficial for treating anxiety, panic attacks, and more. Learn what it is, the supporting research, and how it can be used to help treat child anxiety.

Making Time to Relax for Children With Anxiety

Children with anxiety need opportunities to actively LEARN to relax. Learn some great ways research shows you can help you anxious child improve their anxiety management skills.

Math Anxiety Holds Back High-Achievers

Researchers from the University of Chicago are saying stress is hurting bright students anxious about math.

Five Simple Suggestions for Dealing with Separation Anxiety

Have you struggled with getting your child to calm down when you have to go somewhere? If so, there are ways you can make your son or daughter more comfortable and calm. It's perfectly normal for a small child to feel upset when separated from a parent, but it doesn't have to become a major problem in your household. Find out what you can do to lessen the effects of separation anxiety.