Online Treatment for Anxiety in Children and Teens

Today, you can find just about anything online. Thanks to the Internet, people can buy services from all over the world, including therapy sessions. Come read about the innovative Australian therapy for children and adolescents with anxiety problems.

Five Simple Suggestions for Dealing with Separation Anxiety

Have you struggled with getting your child to calm down when you have to go somewhere? If so, there are ways you can make your son or daughter more comfortable and calm. It's perfectly normal for a small child to feel upset when separated from a parent, but it doesn't have to become a major problem in your household. Find out what you can do to lessen the effects of separation anxiety.

Stranger Anxiety in Babies and Young Children

Does your baby become anxious and clingy when someone they do not know wants to hold or play with them? If so, your baby is demonstrating "stranger anxiety" which is a developmentally normal reaction. Learn a few tips for helping your baby become more comfortable with new people so that everyone feels secure and has fun!

Watch Kids Talk About their Childhood Anxiety

Do you wish that you knew what it was like for someone you love who is living with childhood anxiety? Take a look at this video, in which several children talk about how anxiety affects their day-to-day life. You will hear from children of all ages and will walk away with a better idea of what the inner dialogue of a child with anxiety might sound like.

Helicopter Parenting Leads to Anxiety

Children with parents who cater to their every need, even when they are capable of doing things for themselves, are more likely to develop an anxiety disorder later in life. Finding a balance with parenting takes practice and doesn't happen overnight. Children need emotionally available parents that they can count on for support, but they also need room to grow, explore the world, learn from their mistakes, and build confidence.

Modeling the Change You Want to See In Your Child with Anxiety

Did you know that anxiety is largely a learned behavior? By changing the way that you respond to anxiety in front of your child, you may notice a large improvement in your child with anxiety. Read more to learn several tips written for family members who would like to help a child with anxiety.

10 Ways to Strengthen the Parent-Child Relationship Through Positive Psychology

Does parenting some times feel like one never-ending power struggle? It doesn't have to be that way. By applying a few positive psychology concepts to your parenting style, you can improve the relationship that you have with your child with anxiety. Check out the following article to learn more!

The “I Like Book”

Check out this wonderful new product that helps individuals (including parents and children with anxiety) remain positive! It's called the "I Like Book" and it is a journal designed for recording all of the things that someone likes. Different versions of the book are available for adults, children, and couples.

Tips for Easing Social Anxiety

If your child is demonstrating any level of social anxiety, you might like to take a look at this article that offers a few tips for helping your child feel more at-ease in new social situations. Simple steps such as talking about the situation ahead of time can help your child feel more comfortable and less anxious.

The Power of Empathy

What does it take to be a truly empathetic parent? How can empathy impact your relationship with your child and your child's anxiety level? For the answer to these and other questions check out this article that describes how empathy can greatly impact the happiness of a child with anxiety.