VIDEO: Treating Social Anxiety, Phobia in Teens

Social anxiety disorder causes you to feel extremely uncomfortable with the idea of others seeing you in a negative light.

People with social anxiety or social phobia are worried about how people perceive them. Their fear of being judged negatively is so great that they have difficulty even being around other people. They want to enjoy others’ company, but they feel so insecure and anxious that they begin to avoid it.

This avoidance becomes a habit, and before they know it the socially anxious are missing out on numerous opportunities to socialize and expand their network of friends. Avoidance leads socially anxious people to become even more fearful of social interaction and tends to lead to awkwardness in social situations. Often, a person with social anxiety is so focused on an imagined situation of social failure that he or she will behave more stiffly and uncomfortably, leading to a realization of their fears.

For a teen who has social anxiety disorder, it can be very isolating and disheartening to want to enjoy a rich social life while being held back by fear. Teenagers need to have positive relationships in order to grow and develop.

A video on teen and child anxiety shows how exposure therapy is used as treatment. Exposure therapy pushes you to face that which you fear the most. In the case of someone with social anxiety, the object of fear would be a situation in which one must interact closely with a new acquaintance.

To watch the video and learn about exposure therapy for treating anxiety, visit the link provided below.!D671C518-27C0-4F1B-955B-766C20A8F17E

Photo Credit: Fenanov via Compfight cc