Emotion Detectives Treatment Protocol: A New Option for Childhood Anxiety

A new treatment option is available for children with anxiety and/or depression. The approach is known as the Emotion Detectives Treatment Protocol (or EDTP) and it involves working with children to teach them problem solving skills, emotion management techniques, and behavior activation skills. The program also places an emphasis on parent training.

New Strategy, EDTP, for Childhood Depression-Anxiety – PsychCentral.com


PsychCentral.comNew Strategy, EDTP, for Childhood Depression-AnxietyPsychCentral.comAlthough emotional problems are common in childhood, current therapeutic interventions are generally not designed to treat co-existing psychological conditions. This …

Novel Intervention Helps Kids Suffering From Depression And Anxiety – Medical News Today


Novel Intervention Helps Kids Suffering From Depression And AnxietyMedical News TodayChildren suffering from anxiety and depression could significantly benefit from a novel intervention called Emotion Detectives Treatment Protocol (EDTP), say researc …