Computers Used to Relieve Anxiety in Children

Computers can do just about everything today, and now it seems they may even be able to treat your child’s anxiety.

A new program is being developed to help kids stop dwelling on negative thoughts and fears. This will help them to worry less and therefore reduce their anxiety.

The researchers in the study say the new treatment method may be a good alternative to anti-anxiety drugs and antidepressants. Parents who feel uncomfortable with the idea of giving their anxious child medication may be interested in the computer program, which was shown to work just as well but without the side effects.

The program is now being tested on a larger scale to see if it works well for different populations. You can find out more about how the treatment works at the link below.

Computer Program May Help Kids’ Anxiety | Psych Central News


A major international research effort led by the U.S. National Institute of Mental Health is looking at a new computer program that so far has proven as.