Talking to Your Teen about Dangers at School

Life-threatening incidents that occur at school are shocking and horrible for parents and kids alike. It’s difficult to imagine that a place made for safety and learning can be turned into a dangerous setting.

Parents across the country are likely to feel concerned about how their children deal with potential dangers in school. It’s important for students to have a plan for how to deal with emergencies. This plan should be developed by the parents and discussed in detail with the children.

For parents who have teenagers, a safety plan can be developed with input from both parties. Teens should know what to do in an emergency: where to go, who to ask for help, how to contact parents, etc.

Some teens may feel anxious returning to school, especially since they are more likely than children to be aware of recent news related to dangerous school incidents.

If your teen seems nervous or moody when he or she has to go back to school, there may be some underlying anxiety issues. As a parent, you can help to lessen some of your son or daughter’s fears. Making the aforementioned safety plan with your teen ensures that all of you can feel better prepared for an emergency.

In an article for Huffington Post, a writer describes how you can talk to your teen about school safety without causing him or her to feel undue worry. If you are interested in reading more about parenting teens with school-related anxiety, click on the link below.

Photo Credit: wabisabi2015 via Compfight cc