Offering Support to Your Anxious Child

Childhood fears are a normal part of growing up. As children, most of us experienced the worries about starting a new school year, sleeping without the light on, or trying a new food for the first time.

It is important for parents to be able to recognize when their child is experiencing more anxiety than is normal for his or her age. A child who has chronic physical complaints such as stomach aches, nausea or headaches may be more likely to have a problem with anxiety.

One thing parents can do to help their child feel less anxious is to display a calm, reassuring face for him or her. By reacting to potentially unsettling events with calm and maintaining their composure, parents show the child that there is no danger and therefore no reason to get upset.

Parents who are overly anxious about their children are more likely to “pass on” their anxiety. A child can easily pick up on a parent’s negative feelings, which is why a calm exterior is so important to keeping a child feeling safe and relaxed.

This concept is especially important when a child is facing a new situation, one that might be frightening or unsettling for him or her. A first visit to the doctor or dentist’s office, the first day of school, and occasions like these are more likely to cause a child to feel anxiety. This is why parents must be mindful of their own behavior around the child.

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Photo Credit: discoodoni via Compfight cc