New App to Treat Kids and Adults with OCD

Today, children and teens are constantly using electronics. Smartphones, handheld game consoles, e-readers, and laptops are a part of a young person’s everyday life. The younger generation uses these gadgets with a confidence and ease that most older adults just don’t feel. It makes sense that kids and adolescents with OCD would respond well to a treatment that involves technology.

There’s now an app for the iPhone which can help curb maladaptive habits and behaviors (e.g. compulsive checking, hand-washing) in people with OCD. “Live OCD Free” was developed by a psychologist and includes exercises which are designed to teach helpful strategies for fighting OCD. It also features relaxation techniques and motivational sayings.

The app is also good for busy adults who suffer from OCD and want to learn some simple tips on the go.

An app for those with OCD – (blog)

An app for those with (blog)You may not be OCD if you’re on your phone all the time, checking and rechecking … The app includes a program for adults, as well as another one for children, … …