Mobile Application Helps Kids Deal with Anxiety

Having an anxiety disorder is stressful, but most adults have options they can explore to cope with their condition. Unfortunately for kids who have anxiety problems, there is almost total reliance on parents and other adults to find solutions for them.

For older children and teenagers, it may feel stifling to have to follow parents’ or counselors’ instructions for dealing with anxiety. Some parents and other adults are not willing to listen to a child’s complaints or take his or her opinions into consideration. However, it is very important for an anxious child or teen to be an active contributor to his or her recovery.

A treatment may be highly recommended or “cutting edge,” bu that doesn’t mean it is right for every child. Older children and adolescents with anxiety are likely to appreciate having some input in their own treatment.

Since many younger people are familiar with technology, one way an older child or teenager can learn to cope with anxiety is to try using a mobile phone-based program. This can allow the child to feel more independent and in control of his or her anxiety.

A new application for phones is designed to help kids get more out of their treatment. The program is supposed to offer helpful tips and methods to children who are feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

The application is meant to be used in conjunction with cognitive-behavioral therapy, so a trained therapist is still needed for diagnosis and development of a treatment plan specific to the child.

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Photo Credit: horizontal.integration via Compfight cc