Anxiety in Teens with Bipolar Disorder

Teenagers today have a lot to deal with. In addition to the usual adolescent issues like peer pressure and school work, they have to worry about their future success in an unpredictable economy. Considering all these preexisting worries, having to also cope with the unique problems caused by a mental health condition can be especially challenging for a teen.

Anxiety in teens can be related to things like health, school performance, family finances, or relationships. While some anxiety about these topics is normal, a teen should not be worrying to the point of physical illness or feeling genuine, persistent distress.

A recent article called “Comorbid anxiety problematic for adolescents with bipolar disorder” examines how teens who suffer from bipolar disorder are also affected by anxiety. For a teen who has bipolar disorder, the focus is usually on treating the depression and the “highs” of anger or over-excitement. Comorbid anxiety may be overlooked by mental health workers who are helping the teen to deal with the emotional highs and lows of bipolar disorder.

Anxiety in a bipolar teenager should not be ignored or disregarded. In fact, it is important that the mental health professionals who are working with the teen screen for anxiety. Having anxiety in addition to bipolar disorder may affect the teen’s response to treatment. This is why both conditions must be addressed.

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Photo Credit: aspiration.inspiration via Compfight cc