Why Your Anxious Child May Think School’s a Drag

October 31, 2014

school drag feature

Remember back in kindergarten when your anxious child thought school was cool? Find out what happened to change that, and how you can make learning fun again.
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How the Effects of Childhood Bullying Can Linger into Adulthood

September 30, 2014

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Even if bullying stops once your anxious child hits adulthood, the effects of the bullying can linger for years, resulting in mental and physical health issues.
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Why Your Anxious Child Needs Love, Love and More Love

August 29, 2014

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Loving your anxious child probably comes naturally, and the more love you provide the better your child's emotional development can be. Read on for more!
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How to Foster Curiosity in Anxious Children

July 31, 2014

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Anxious children can be too fearful to exhibit much curiosity, but there are ways you can help them explore and embrace the world.
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Go Out and Play: Benefits of Physical Activity for Anxious Children

June 30, 2014

summer play FEATURE

Summertime's lazy days can take a huge toll on your anxious child's mental health. Get them moving and you may see their anxiety improving!
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How to Promote Positive Behavior in Anxious Children

May 27, 2014

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Anxious children may have a challenging time developing a strong sense of self, and how your respond to their positive behaviors can promote that development - or not. Check out helpful dos and don'ts.
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Help for Anxious Children with OCD: Ten Turtles on Tuesday

April 29, 2014

ten turtles book cover

Millions of people suffer from OCD, with symptoms often showing up in childhood. Help your child cope with a new book by school psychologist Ellen Flanagan Burns that tells the story of a girl who overcame her obsessions and compulsions.
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When It Comes to Autism, Environment Matters

March 28, 2014

environment feature

It's long been known that genetics play a role in the development of autism spectrum disorder, but a new study uncovers the role environmental factors may play as well. Read on for more!
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Why Anxious Children May be Prone to Lying

February 28, 2014

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Lying is certainly not an admirable trait, yet anxious children may be prone to it. It's often not out of craftiness or malice, but rather because of fear. Read on for more.
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Narcissism vs. Child Anxiety and Why Both Are on the Rise

January 21, 2014

child mirror feature

More young people and children today suffer from anxiety and narcissism than ever before. Find out how these two disorders are linked and what may be behind them.
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