Supportive Mothers Enhance Brain Development

July 28, 2012

In a new study, MRI scans reveal that children are able to cope better with stress, and therefore are less likely to develop a childhood anxiety disorder, if they have been raised by mothers who offer reassurance and support (versus punishment or dismissal of feelings) during times of frustration. The study followed 92 children through their early childhood years.
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Girls Are More Susceptible to Math Anxiety

July 25, 2012

Does math anxiety in children affect one gender more than the other? A new study conducted at Cambridge University suggests that females are more susceptible to a drop in performance due to anxiety. Working to combat math anxiety early on might be a key component of increasing the number of women that pursue math or science related careers.
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Calming Bedtime Routines for Children With Anxiety

July 24, 2012

Is "bedtime" a word that invokes feelings of anxiety for everyone in your house? If your child has a difficult time winding down after a long day, you might consider changing the way that you approach bedtime. After a few simple changes you might find that you and your child really look forward to what used to be the hardest time of the day.
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Minimizing Back-to-School Anxiety

July 23, 2012

Is your child feeling anxious about the upcoming school year? With summer more than half-way over, many children are experiencing school anxiety when they think about returning to a structured social environment. Read all about back-to-school anxiety and how you can help your child reduce the stress and anxiety that they are feeling.
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